Satire - Reporter Leaves Town, Returns to a Different Golf World
Monday, August 8, 2022

    Let's say two friends have parted for a few weeks - one has left for overseas to report on Ukraine vs. Russia, the other went to report on the Wyndham Championship.

    The first guy comes home and his friend decides to play a joke on him: he hands him a list of the top seven in the latest Korn Ferry Tour event. 

1 - Joohyung Kim . . . 20 under

2 -Sungjae Im and John Huh - 15 under.

4 - Ben Griffin - 14 under.

5 - Max McGreevy, Russell Henley and Taylor Moore - 13 under.

    The guy who's been in Ukraine is impressed. He tells friend No. 2 that these guys should do well on the PGA Tour next season. That's when he finds out this was the order of finish of last week's PGA event in Greensboro. He tells his friend to stop pulling his leg. 

    Does it sound nuts? Not if you're guy No. 2. Golf is in trouble. Deep, deep trouble. The fans who have been supporting the PGA Tour for decades deserve better. The defectors who have decided they can't live on the $40 million or $50 million or $100 million they have banked over the years don't seem to be concerned. 

    Can it go on like this? I doubt it. 



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