Gulfstream Rainbow Yields Mandatory Payout
Saturday, July 1, 2023

    HALLANDALE BEACH - A mandatory payout of the Rainbow 6 pool Friday at Gulfstream Park yielded multiple $3,061 payoffs.

    The multi-race wager had gone unsolved for nine consecutive days, producing a carryover jackpot of $149,053 heading into Friday’s mandatory payout. A total of S1,448,892 was wagered into the Rainbow 6 pool Friday.

    The Rainbow 6 sequence spanned Races 3-8. The winning combination was 5-2-7-1-7-1.

    On mandatory-payout days, the entire Rainbow 6 jackpot pool is paid out to the bettor or bettors with the most winners in the wager’s six-race sequence. The carryover jackpot is usually only paid out when there is a single unique ticket sold with all six winners. On days when there is no unique ticket, 70 percent of that day’s pool usually goes back to those bettors holding tickets with the most winner, while 30 percent is carried over to the jackpot pool.

    The Rainbow 6 will start anew on today’s 11-race program. The Rainbow 6 sequence will span races 6-11, headlined by the $100,000, Gr. II Smile Sprint in Race 10.

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