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Explanation of Legislative Issues a Little Murky
Saturday, April 8, 2017

    Another legislative update from FTBOA lobbyist Matt Bryan in Wire-to-Wire this week and, as usual, no explanation on several key issues leaves the uninitiated in the dark. Matt knows what he's talking about, the FTBOA board knows what he is talking about, but I haven't a clue because Matt doesn't adhere to one of the first things I learned when I went to work at the Long Island Press: Write it so that a little old lady in New Jersey knows what you're talking about.

    In discussing approval by the state senate of SB 8, an act relating to gaming (by a vote of 32-6), he says the senate has approved CS for SB 8, and while I'm sure many people know what CS stands for, I don't. Tell me.

    SB 8 allows for widespread decoupling, including the thoroughbred tracks. This is an absolute disgrace from a thoroughbred standpoint, even though I know for a fact Tampa Bay Downs has no intention of ending racing, decoupling or not. I am confident that as long as Frank Stronach is at the helm, that goes for Gulfstream, too. As opposed to the rest of the industry, I could not care less if dogs and jai alai frontons choose not to have a live product anymore, both entities are pretty much dead as far as fan interest is concerned. Let them end that live product, and pay a nominal sum to the facilities that stay open as a penalty. (The House Commerce Committee also approved H 7037 by a vote of 19-11. It does not allow for decoupling for any permitholder).

    Back to the Senate bill. It allows for the continued existence of the not-for-profit thoroughbred permit in Marion County. Would it have been so difficult for Bryan to mention who has this permit? I assume it's OBS, but why not tell us? The bill also creates a statewide supplemental purse pool for thoroughbred races. Just what does that entail? I'm sure most people in the business would like a clarification, I know I would.

    The bill also calls for reducing the tax rate on slot machines from 35% to 30%, and later, to 25%, and a portion of that first reduction would go to purses and breeders' awards. It's about time. The extra share of the percentages would add greatly to the purse structures and awards. However, why  couldn't Bryan reveal when the percentage would drop to 25?

    This is a big one. It would allow blackjack tables at South Florida tracks. While poker is very popular at all the facilities, it can get a little too complicated for many. No matter how many poker tournaments I watch on TV, I still can't quite get when you should go "all in."But everyone knows blackjack and the game would add tremendously to the bottom line.

    The House bill, by the way, also clarifies that slot machine gaming is not allowed outside Miami-Dade and Broward counties. However, it should be expanded in one area - to include Tampa Bay Downs. The reasons are obvious.  

    Bryan says that the House and Senate have hinted that they will convene a conference of both entities to try to come to some mutual (and mutuel) agreement. I won't hold my breath. And when and if they do come up with something, I  hope Matt doesn't expect us to understand all the nuances without some simple explanation.   




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