Cynthia McFarland: A Friend In Need
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

    Cynthia McFarland sustained a serious head injury while with her horse on Monday evening, April 15 and was taken to Shands Hospital for life-saving emergency surgery.

    She is now talking and pondering her many responsibilities. We have already seen a miraculous recovery in just a short time.

    Cynthia will be in rehab for quite some time. We are unsure about the extent and time, but we want her to be able to concentrate on healing and not be concerned about the financial issues of daily living. Cynthia is a confident, strong, faithful woman with a kind and giving heart. We are asking her family, friends and community to support her in this very challenging time of recovery. She is a self- employed writer and has no other source of income other than what she generates through her writing and photography.

    While we have no idea of the extent of her future medical bills, we know that they will be substantial and could prove insurmountable. We have estimated her expenses and debt reduction for the next year to be nearly $100,000. We are asking her friends and community to rally around her and bless her with the ability to heal and recover without the immediate burden of finances. We believe and pray that she will return to her love of writing and impacting her friends and colleagues with her amazing skill and talents very soon.

Thank you for your outpouring of love.


Hugh and Kenn McFarland
Cynthia’s little brothers

From the editor:

   In 1990 or '91, when I was editor of the Florida Horse magazine, Cynthia walked into my office out of the blue one day and said she was an aspiring writer looking for a break. I didn't have anything for her for the upcoming issue of the magazine, but I told her not to give up because I felt I could find something in the near future and to try me again.

    That day came shortly thereafter, and I sent her out to interview a new owner who had just bought a thoroughbred farm north of Ocala. (To my best recollection the owner was Martin Cherry and he purchased the former Somday Farm). Cynthia came through with flying colors and it kicked off a highly-successful career writing for a great many local publications, including the Florida Horse.

    We wish her the best and urge everybody to open their wallets and pocketbooks on her behalf. 


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